Thursday, May 28, 2009

Waiting to buy a home? Well, Don't!!!!

Rumors are circulating that due to improvements in the economy, some investors are moving their investments from the safety of the treasury and putting them back into the more risky, but rewarding stocks. What this means to you is that the low low interest rates may begin to climb, putting a greater emphasis on buyers to get off the fence and buy now.

I have heard that the rates may have jumped nearly .5% overnight. That translates to about a $5,000 price increase when considering your monthly mortgage payments. All signs in my local market suggest that housing prices are bottoming out and with the likelihood that rates may increase soon, you need to get serious about buying. Waiting any longer could cause you to miss it completely.

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Greg Worley
Keller Williams Realty


  1. It seems the government incentives should motivate people to invest in a home.

  2. I suggest that buyers should be serious for buying the home if they really want to buy. because many people think that home is a good investment.

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  3. Homes are always a good investment. The key is that the investor must think long term.

  4. they better carefully choose well and consider a lot of things before investing..

  5. No I would say that as per latest reports released by verified resources that house sales dip again after a gap of six months. So people should consider all these matters before going ahead.

  6. I agree with GregW. Think long term. It looks like the days of flipping are on hold.

  7. Its good posting many people think that home is a good investment. I agree with this homes.thanku!